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About us

Welcome to Law and More

We are a new independent career and lifestyle site aimed solely at the legal profession. Between us we have a long history in recruitment working for a mixture of National and Local newspapers, recruitment consultancies and websites and aim to bring you something a little bit different. We're aware there are plenty of legal jobsites out there so this is the concept in a nutshell...

The Employment section will offer a broad range of job opportunities across the country which will interact with advertising opportunities and national/regional information in the Enjoyment section. From secretaries to solicitors and every legal job in between we aim to find you your perfect new job.

The Enjoyment section of the site aims to cover a wide spectrum of consumer needs; travel, flights, holidays, hotels, fashion, health & beauty, fitness & wellbeing, news, legal news, music, how to sell your house fast, theatre, cinema, concerts, festivals, events, dining, bars, clubbing, property, finance, interior design, gadgets, shopping, motors, books, reviews, competitions. (you can breathe now!)

We officially launched on 14 February 2008, which we are very pleased to announce!, We don't plan to be a short Valentine's flirtation who just gives you a card - stick with us and we could develop a beautiful long term relationship - and get lots of free gifts - hey we've started off with the chance of winning a holiday to Barbados - we're no cheapskates (!). Obviously, as with any new venture, we may be a little unsteady on our feet to begin with, so please be patient whilst we iron out our kinks and smooth over any teething problems.

We do not plan to sit still on this project. Whilst we do not want to reinvent the wheel we will be introducing new and innovative approaches on both the job board and lifestyle sections of the site to ensure a constantly fresh and interesting Employment & Enjoyment experience.

There will be plenty of scope for development (ie additional sections, bloggers, forums and dating classifieds) so we welcome all suggestions, ideas and feedback. We will constantly be updating content so don't stay away too long!

With a little time and tweaking we are confident Law and More will be the UK's most innovative and ONLY national legal/lifestyle recruitment site! Hopefully, you will agree with us that the site looks completely unique but we need your help to make it drop dead gorgeous! Do feel free to email us with suggestions - the best ones we use will get a bottle of champagne - can't guarantee we won't have opened it though - the stress is getting to us - and we think we've got a lot to celebrate!!

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