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Corporate Counsel To Evaluate Law Firms Using Value Index

Corporate Counsel To Evaluate Law Firms Using Value Index

19 October, 2009

The US - based Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) will launch the ACC Value Index, a component of the ACC Value Challenge, at its 2009 Annual Meeting in Boston on Tuesday, October 20, 2009.  The ACC Value Index will allow members of ACC to share ratings of law firms based on client satisfaction so that they can better meet company demands. 

The ACC is introducing the ACC Value Index '' to help shape the thinking and dialogue between firms and in-house counsel about what constitutes “good value” in legal services''.

Using a five-point scale (1=Poor, 5=Excellent), members will score their outside counsel on the following criteria --understanding objectives/expectations, legal expertise, efficiency/process management, responsiveness/ communication, predictable cost/budgeting skills and results delivered/execution.

They will also answer the important question: would you hire this firm again? Members will be able to browse or search the ACC Value Index based on firm name, matter type or office location. 



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