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Would you reapply for your job?

Would you reapply for your job?

One in four legal professionals say ‘no’, says Hudson study...

Despite the current economic outlook, one in four legal professionals (23%) say they would not reapply for their current jobs and a further 19% are undecided.  A new study by global recruitment and talent management consultancy, Hudson, demonstrates just how far employers have to go to motivate and retain large parts of their workforce in uncertain times.

Hudson conducted the study among 1,000 UK workers in professional employment to assess whether today’s workplace has lost the ‘fear factor’ and to identify how regular performance assessment contributes to employee productivity, morale and retention. 

Despite the majority (64%) of legal professionals saying such a formal process would make them more stressed, a considerable number (46%) believe that lazier colleagues would be found out and almost a third (33%) admit it would make them work harder.  The vast majority agree that the process of applying for or starting a new job makes them naturally more productive and proactive. 

However, a significant proportion of legal professionals remain unhappy with their jobs, with many saying that, if the issue was forced, they would prefer to look for a more rewarding job or a better company culture elsewhere. 

Martin Luise, Director of Legal recruitment, Hudson UK, said: “In a tougher economic climate, productivity comes into sharper focus, and a productive workforce only comes from a motivated one.  While we would argue that a formal reapplication process is a step too far for the UK business environment, there is much to be said for encouraging a more performance-driven culture to boost morale and results.  Both employer and employee can benefit from rigorous, regular assessment and clear performance criteria. 

“Hanging on to underperforming or demoralised employees in a bid to keep the headcount up is a sure-fire way to demotivate good employees and reduce overall productivity.  Ensuring the right cultural fit between your employees and your business, rewarding good performance and putting in place thorough processes of assessment is the best way to ensure you keep your good employees and attract new ones.”


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