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Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris



Director: Woody Allen | Writer: Woody Allen | Stars: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates

Considered by many critics to be Woody Allen’s return to form, Midnight in Paris overthrew ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ to become Allen’s most successful film at the US Box Office. “I wanted to show the city emotionally.  I just wanted it to be the way I saw Paris – Paris through my eyes”.

Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy about a young engaged couple, Gil (Owen) and Inez (McAdams) who Travel to the French Capital, with her parents on business.  A successful Hollywood Screenwriter, Gil is now struggling to write his first Novel.  A hopeless romantic who believes the Twenties were the ‘Golden Age’, he falls in love with Parisian life. However his future wife has other ideas and cannot think of anything worse than giving up their LA lifestyle for Bohemianism.

One night, after a wine tasting hosted by Inez's father, Gil ditches his fiancée and her friends in favour of a stroll around the city streets. Just a little drunk, he stumbles upon something spectacular that could prove to be the ultimate inspiration he’s been searching for.

Full of more than a few recognisable faces and celebrated characters from our history, Midnight in Paris is as remarkable as it star studded.  A romantic film in every sense of the word, it is a pure joy to watch; intelligent, surprising, endearing, and irresistibly funny.  Owen Wilson has never been better suited to a role, than in this film.  His winning performance will have you routing for his character every step of the way, and laughing along through his ups and downs.  Rachel McAdams is also on form, after a few years of playing the doe eyed leading lady; she plays spoiled, egocentric Inez.  Finally back in a bitchy role which she hasn’t done since ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘The Family Stone’, McAdams is brilliantly believable.

Although not a lead, one can’t help but mention, Marion Cotillard, who as always is mesmerising.  With her timeless beauty she plays Adriana, the object of many men’s affections with ease and an abundance of charm.  

Midnight in Paris is Magical.  It’s brilliant for any occasion, yet with Valentine’s Day just around the corner this is the ideal antidote for both singletons and couples looking to spend a quiet night in, away from the humdrum of dating diners. Buy a bottle of wine, sit back, and experience a night in the French Capital like never before.

“That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me” – Film quote.

Lucienne Harrington, Editorial & Production Coordinator

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